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To seek the truth. 
work experience

Society of Servants of God
From June 1967 to Oct. 1985 

My late Father, who passed away in 1993, founded this Society in 1953, where I worked under his guidance. 
Before 1967 I was working for myself. Between 1964 and 1967 I travelled extensively in Europe, mainly in Italy but also in Germany, Switzerland, England and France, and became closely acquainted with the art and culture of Italy. 

My Works

My works speak for themselves. Most of them were written after 1985. You can access many of them by clicking on the words "My Works" above.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 
B.Sc. Agr., 1976 (cum laude) 

Bishop's School, Poona, India 
Senior Cambridge (School Leaving Certificate), 1959 


I am a generalist. My works reflect my skills as a thinker, writer, philosopher, scientist, inventor and and composer. In addition my skills as a painter, chef, gardener, car enthusiast, sailor and hiker are known to my personal friends. And of course, my skills as a parent and spouse are known to my family. 

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