Society of Servants of God



Three Missions


The Society of Servants of God has three main missions:


1. To help people realise the Divine Self within;

2. To introduce and propagate spiritual values in all walks of material life, including economics, politics and social life in general;


3. To bring to light the unity in the diversity of religions.



Brief History



The Society of Servants of God was founded by Dr Dinshah K. Mehta, known to his devotees as Revered Dadaji, in the year 1953.

Dr. Mehta was the personal physician and a close confidante of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji decided to make Dr Mehta's "Nature Cure Clinic and Sanatorium" in Poona (now known as Pune) his own home after his release from Aga Khan Palace in 1944. Dr Mehta made over all his belongings absolutely, plus one Rupee more, to a Trust of which he asked Gandhiji to become the Chairman for life: a post which Gandhiji accepted. All major Indian political leaders, from Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel down to Smt. Sarojini Naidu and Shri Gulzarilal Nanda -- and after independence, Shri Jayaprakash Narayan also -- were guests at one time or another at Dr Mehta's Nature Cure Clinic and Sanatorium, which is now the Indian National Institute of Naturopathy, and from where, for several months, Gandhiji directed the entire independence struggle.

In the year 1936, "inner experiences" began spontaneously in his life in spite of the fact that he was an agnostic then. Doubts and resistance followed in their wake. It took Dr Mehta a full seventeen years of inner fight to overcome the doubts and become a convert to the "Truth that is the Voice of Silence". Finally, on November 8, 1953, Dr Mehta "accepted" to follow strictly the Guidance received by him in states of spiritual meditation.

Subsequently it became Dr Mehta's practice to record in writing the experiences received during spiritual meditations. These records are called "The Scripts", some of which were initially published as a booklet entitled Silence Speaks . The Society of Servants of God was founded as a result of Script Guidance thus received and recorded.



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