From a Discourse given by Revered Dadaji, Dr Dinshah K. Mehta,
on Sunday, March 29, 1970
at the Delhi Branch of the Society of Servants of God,
Yashwant Place, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 21, India

The First Principle

The first of the seven principles of God-guidance through force of circumstances is: Surrender, surrender and surrender in the right way by following the seven principles of right surrender. Go on surrendering whatever you are doing, whether it is the usual way of life or whether it is some opening or so-called opportunity. Surrender surrender and surrender.

The Second Principle

The Second Principle is: do not jump into an opportunity. Many a time, we have been told -- and rightly so for the average human way of life -- to take the opportunity by the forelock. You may do so and take the consequences of failure or success; but if you want to grow unto Karma Yoga with the help of God-Guidance through force of circumstances -- which is the bridge between Karma Yoga and Karma Bhoga -- then, surrender and surrender.

The seven principles of right surrender are dealt with in many Discourses; a book has also been printed. Don't merely read that book. Every word and the thought behind the word has deeper significance. Therefore, weave it it in your life; live it in your life; and you will find that the surrender will come through.

Suppose you get no opportunity but are living the usual way of life. If you keep on surrendering it, be sure opportunity will come in your life. Ordinarily also, opportunities come and go, but when you are after the spiritual way of life, opportunities will come more quickly. Some of them will be such as you never had before.

The vibrations of the consciousness increase as it comes near the soul, and through that various opportunities arise. These opportunities can be from the right sources or the wrong sources. The right source can be what one may in a general way say God-Guided opportunities, or opportunities from the higher and higher mind. The wrong source can be anti-God, even the very devil, trying to tempt. Opportunities can also arise as a result of the fruition of past Karmas, or as one may say, the destiny working itself out.

How to distinguish between the three? Opportunity looks like opportunity, irrespective of the fact whether it is God-Guided, anti-God-guided as a temptation, or fruition of the past Karmas. The usual advice given to the average people is to take the opportunity by the forelock, but spiritually that is not right. It is not right even from the Karma Yoga principle.

The Third Principle

The third principle is: wait and surrender. The right thing is to wait, wait and wait. At the same time, go on surrendering. Surrender and surrender these opportunities.

A stage will come whn these opportunities, if they are from anti-God -- a temptation to side-track you -- will die their own death. They will themselves get side-tracked.

If they are the result of your destiny, they will persist longer than the temptations. When an opportunity persists, then also wait. Go on surrendering it. If it continues to persist, it can be because of powerful destiny.

It can also persist because there is God's Hand in it one way or the other.

If you wait, you are at least on surer ground that you may be reaping the fruit of your destiny, if not God-Guidance.

The Fourth Principle

The fourth principle is: Act just a little, not with full force.

When you act just a little, if the opportunity has the bedrock of your destiny, you will get some benefit as you deserve, maybe more than your action deserves but not very much more. If it is due to the Hand of God in it indirect or direct -- mostly, it will be indirect for all the "ascending" souls -- then, with a little action you will find greater vistas opening out. With a little action you will get more openings. More and more help will come to you in some form.

The Fifth Principle

The fifth principle is: As the opportunity goes on manifesting, go on surrendering all the results and all the thoughts as they arise till the momentum slows down or stops.

The Sixth Principle

Then, in keeping with the sixth principle, act with greater force, with full force if need be. If you find that by that action, you are removing the obstacle, or you are progressing, then there is the possibility that you are destined to progress.

If, however, you find that you are not progressing, that obstacles come in your way, various types of obstacles from within you and outside you, take it that these obstacles are created for you as a test and a trial to break through. Don't get side-tracked. These obstacles can be in the form of temptations, fears and doubts.

The Seventh Principle

The seventh principle is: do not succumb to the obstacles, but go on surrendering them and act with greater and greater force. That is the time of your test.

These obstacles are put in your path by the anti-divine to turn you back. The anti-divine has full play in obstructing through temptations, fears and doubts. In the beginning, through temptation, it will try to side-track; later, though fears and doubts.

Don't be afraid. Persist with greater and greater force. At the same time, go on surrendering.

The Coming of the Guru

Then, a stage will come when the one who is watching with the inner eye, with the Shiva eye, the third eye, the real Satguru, sees in you a deserving mind -- not the soul. He knows the soul; it is the deserving mind that needs help. He will come in your life. It may be in a very peculiar way. You may have already known that person, he may have been all along with you or you may have been drawn towards him. He may give you a little assignment, very simple may be. It may even be big, but mostly for test, it is simple assignments, small assignments.

Don't Miss the Chance

Don't miss that chance. Woe be unto you if you miss that chance. He will come to you in the gentlest of gentle ways. The real Satguru will say to you once in the gentlest way, next time in the sterner way, the third time in the hardest way you can bear. If you don't take that opportunity to do that simple thing or big thing, then you will have missed the chance for all time from that real Guru at that level. He will be there at the lower and lower levels, but at that level you have missed. If he is a Satguru descended from the Divine, then you have missed the chance for lives and lives. If he has descended from lower spiritual levels then you may get the chance again from the same Guru.

Therefore, don't miss the first chance. If you obey, you begin to grow unto God-guidance through that Guru who will start taking more and more interest in you. Step by step, he will guide you towards the very first initiation after many tests of obedience.

The First Initiation

The first initiation is a big thing. It is an initiation when the Guru takes the responsibility of your soul. It is not like a responsibility that people take of doing things in the world. That is nothing in comparison to the responsibility of the soul.

All around the earth there is a dark belt of spirits, what are known as earth-bound spirits. We call that "dark plane of light". Jesus called in the plane of Lumbo [Limbo?]. All spirits and whosoever dies without being liberated or taken charge of by a real Satguru can never escape this dark plane of light. They might remain in a good plane, or a middle plane or a bad plane, but they cannot escape it altogether. But if a Satguru has taken responsibility of a soul, not one spirit in that dark plane of light can touch that soul. The very light of the Guru clears the path. He may even leave the soul in the dark plane to be purified, but the soul is in his charge. No other sprit or soul can touch that soul.

Knowledge of God

Many a time, those who have grown at least to the fifth initiation, if not higher, don't have to remain in Lumbo [Limbo?]. They grow into spiritual consciousness through the guardianship, guidance and grace of that Guru. When they grow into the spiritual plane, they begin to know what is the beginning of God. Till then, they have made their own gods, the so-called formless or the so-called forms of various gods.

At that level, when they see the beginning of that Light, the Light Divine, those forms begin to melt away. The formless also melts away. The Path begins on the spiritual plane which is far beyond the Karma Yoga.

We may or may not take it up in our Discourses; it is a part of the subject of Life Eternal which we started shortly after we came to this Delhi. We shall give further Discourses of how to cross over from Karma Bhoga and Karma Yoga at the human level and transcend unto Akrama.

God Bless you.






Because this Discourse was delivered in India, it uses some terms well understood in India; however, since such terms may not be well understood in other parts of the world, some explanation for Indian terms is being given here below.

Karma     Literally, "action". It also means the results of actions.

Karma Yoga     The Yoga that leads to liberation from the cycle of actions and their results, which can be endless.

Yoga     Literally, "yoke". Also, spiritual practice which yokes the finite human self to the immortal soul which has incarnated into that self.

Bhoga     Literally, "enjoyment". Also, experience of the results of actions.

[... to be continued ...]