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The ABZ of Relativity 
by Ardeshir Mehta 

Bertrand Russell once wrote a book entitled The ABC of Relativity. I thought it needed updating, in light of more critical thinking; and so here I have given my own ABZ of Relativity ! Twenty-six papers, from (a) to (z)  -- each fairly brief, except for papers (x) and (y) -- all of them explaining Relativity, and its flaws, in words that even a high-school student can understand. (I was thinking about the "Twin Paradox", and that got me started, as explained in paper (a), which I wrote when I still thought that Relativity was a logically coherent theory.)

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a) Einstein's Twin Paradox Revisited 

b) Symmetrical "Twin Paradox" 

c) Non-Accelerated "Twin Paradox"

d) Single Best Argument Against Special Relativity 

e) Simple Challenge to Supporters of Special Relativity 

f) Short Reductio-ad-Absurdum Refutation of Special Relativity 

g) Another Simple Argument Against Special Relativity 

h) Yet Another Simple Argument Against Special Relativity 

i) Simultaneity In Special Relativity 

j) Simultaneity In Special Relativity - 2

j) Simultaneity In Special Relativity - 3

k) Logical Invalidity of  Einstein's "Train" Thought-Experiment 

l) Critique of Prof. Bryan Luther's Web Article Credo: Einstein's Train

m) Einstein's "Train" Thought-Experiment Itself Disproves the Theory of Relativity! 

n) Einstein's "Train" Thought-Experiment Contradicts the Theory of Relativity 

o) Do the Lorentz Transformations Even do what they were Intended to do? 

p) Does the Michelson-Moreley Experiment Really Indicate that the Speed of Light is a Constant? 

q) Can Mass Really Increase with Velocity, as Claimed by the Theory of Relativity? 

r) Contradiction Between the Special and General Theories of Relativity

s) Incompatibility Between the Lorentz Transformation Equations and General Relativity

t) Mathematical Contradictions Arising from  the  Lorentz Transformation Equations

u) The "Mathematics" of Relativity

v) Experimental Evidence Against Relativity

w) Logical Invalidity of the Postulate of the Constancy of the Speed of Light

x) Essay on Geometry (With Particular Reference to the Theory of Relativity) - PDF file

x' ) Saggio sulla geometria (con riferimento particolare alla teoria della relativitÓ) - in italiano - PDF file

y) My Critique of Prof. Umberto Bartocci's Web Article "Most common misunderstandings about Special Relativity (SR)"

z) Einstein Cross-Examined by Socrates Regarding his "Elevator" Thought-Experiment - PDF file

z' ) Einstein esaminato da Socrate a proposito del suo sperimento mentale dell'ascensore (in italiano) - PDF file

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I have received several comments to the papers published by me and listed on the left. I have obtained permission from some of my correspondents to have our correspondence published on the Web. I am therefore publishing it here below, so that all who read it may be able to judge for themselves as to how my position stands up to criticism.

1) Comments from Prof. Umberto Bartocci, University of Perugia, Italy (html format)

2) Comments from Dr. Delbert Larson (html format)

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